Swollen Knee

If you are suffering from a swollen knee, it can become a serious issue if it is not dealt with on time. Swelling of the knee is due to the blockage of fluid which is found in the affected area of the knee. This accumulation can take place because of many different reasons, such as an infection, injury, diabetes and even serious trauma and depression. Overall, a swelling can be a result of both psychological and biological illnesses. The fluid is mostly gathered around the muscles of the knee or mainly on the knee joint.

The Swollen knee can also be from some serious injuries related to some physical activity. It can be a result of your knee hitting something hard and then later the injured part will get infected by germs and bacteria. Mainly the swelling in different body part takes place because of the damage to the blood veins and ligaments. When they get damaged, blood is accumulated in that area leaving behind a bump and reddening of that area. As the blood passage is not properly being handled because of the damage and accumulation, the swelling causes pain and even infections can occur in that area.

There are different indicators you can use to test which type of swelling you have. When the knee is hit through physical activity and it causes sudden swelling within minutes of the injury, it is then said that the ligaments are damaged. When the swelling does not appear on a sudden basis, but appears gradually after a period hours, then this is said to be swelling due to damage of meniscus. In both cases, which ever type of knee swollen there is, both can cause problems in movement and both are painful. Sometimes it is even the case that there is no physical hitting or injury and still the knee starts to swell on its own. In this case, you may be faced with specific types of diseases; it can be diabetes, arthritis, or emotional pains.

Arthritis or bursitis both are caused mainly in elderly people. These two types of disease are mostly a cause of swollen knee without any physical injury. It occurs because of the decreasing value and strength in the cartilage which makes the movement of the joints difficult, where activities such as sitting or bending can become very difficult. There is a liquid in all the joints of the body, and the aging of this liquid starts to end up causing friction between the joints or bones during the movement. This friction between joints and bones leads to the source of pain, or swelling. This fluid can even be damaged because of deficiency of nutrients or by the presence of cysts in the body.

If there is swelling in the knee joints, it is recommended to visit a doctor as a first step and get properly diagnosed before taking any types of pain killers for joint pain. You should get yourself examined properly and then follow the prescribed routines and medicines of the doctor. Mostly, inflammatory medicines are suggested and prescribed with inflammation treatments for reducing the swellings. Most of the doctors also prescribe applicable medicines like gels and other applicable tube sand lubricants for the swollen knee. There are a number of tests and ways to diagnose knee injuries and swellings. Most of the doctors do test like MRI, which detects the irregularity in the bones or the joints of knee. X-rays are also carried out by the doctors to detect and check if there are any cracks or fractures in the skin caused by the knee swelling due to any type of physical impact or injury.

When the swelling is not due to any injury, there are other varieties of tests carried out to check and diagnose the reason for the swelling, just like spinal tap, joint aspiration is done in which some of the fluids in the cartilage of the knee joints is extracted by a syringe for testing. This is a very helpful way of diagnosing the reason and type of diseases.

When there is a proper diagnosis for the reason of your swollen knee, different types of treatments are carried out. If the swelling of the knee is due to physical injury then bed rest is always the best solution, although in some cases the swelling is because of some serious disease. You may also have to undergo certain types of operations or orthopedic surgeries in which the swelling is reduced by inserting artificial type of fluid or fitting in some artificial lubricant device for proper movement.

If the case of swelling is moderate, you can always go for the RICE method which is best for knee swellings, bruises, injuries and all other types of mild knee infections. R here stands for rest; you have to take the proper bed rest, relaxing all of your body muscles, lying down in the right pose, releasing tension and resting for a few days and preventing any serious physical activities which can cause exertion. You also have to apply ice on the swollen area, to smooth the fluid accumulation, and wrap it with proper warm stretchable elastic band which is usually made of wool. You have finally to elevate your knee to reduce the swelling and knee inflammation.

Any type of knee injuries like swollen knee or infected knee can be hurdle in your life, as it does not allow proper movement of the body. You have to go to the doctor as soon as there is any type of swelling or infection detected in the knee joint, or it can even cause serious problems such as replacement with artificial legs or joints which can be a painful process. Get proper treatment if any such problems are faced and you will be healed. Your motto should always be living a healthy live by eating fresh, nutritious food, daily walking, stretching, and exercise. Come back to life with a healthy start today.