Joint Pain

Have you ever suffered from Joint Pain? Your joints provide your body the ability to move your arms and legs smoothly and easily. If you experience pain when any of your joints move, it can affect all aspects of mobility throughout your life. When your joints are not functioning properly you may find yourself resisting everyday movements such as walking and lifting, and this can eventually affect all aspects of your daily life and work. Pain creates a mental barrier against movement and moreover, when you are just sitting or lying down it can overwhelm you with feelings of sadness. It is a preconceived mindset that it is the problem only of older people, but now it is common in every individual no matter their age group. In fact, a large number of younger and older people have joint soreness, an alarming situation that creates the need of awareness regarding joint disease.

Joints are the sockets in our body which allow our bones to move in specific direction. Joints contain soft structures like cartilages that surround the bones and help in easy movement of the bones within the body. There are other structures like ligaments, tendons and fluid fill sacs called bursas that are within and around the joint. Also, there is a thin membrane around the joint called a synovial membrane which secretes some fluids to lubricate the joints, and there is also a specific amount of fluid present in the capsule of the socket that provides for excessive lubrication. This entire machinery works together to perform a single movement of the joint and a defect in any of these structures can cause Joint Pain.

Now that we have discussed the basic biological structure of the joint, it should be easier now to understand the underlying causes of joint disease. There are several conditions and causes of joint disease, some which involve a physical injury and others that involve joint degeneration. Common injuries like strains or sprains can damage the muscles, ligaments, and tendons that are connected to your joints.  A problem in the joint structures can cause pain in any part of human body from shoulders till ankles. Knee, hip, swollen knee and shoulder pain are mostly caused be the inflammation of joint structures. Any injury in the joint cause the excess fluid and blood flow in to the joint capsule which results in stretching of membrane of socket capsule. Another main cause is depreciation of bones due to aging. Other main causes could be wear and tear, muscle loss, excessive weight, lack of essential minerals, stress and heredity factors.

There are several symptoms associated with Joint Pain. This problem can start as a mild discomfort and progress to something greatly debilitating. The duration can be acute and last for a few weeks. The pain can be felt either continuously or on and off. If you are experiencing sudden pain in mobility of any body part, seek and immediate medical treatment for it might be the symptom of any damage in your joint. Neglecting a mild pain and try to cover it with simple pain killers can lead you to disaster. There are several treatments and basic exercises other then medication that can serve you as a long lasting cure from these diseases, such as massage, physical therapy, energy healing, yoga, and a healthy diet.

Now that we can recognize the symptoms of pain in the body it can help us determine when we need to slow down and pay attention to a possible injury. Pain in the joints of your body is just a way of the body communicating to you that there is something wrong, somewhere inside your body. It will be up to you along with medical assistance if necessary, to determine and eventually treat the core problem. Now, one might think – when should I seek a medical help for this problem? The motto of the sooner the better is perfectly applied in this case. Having a medication and treatment at early stage of the disease can greatly increase the chances of long lasting fitness and health. A small negligence and this could lead this minor pain to major health concern. If you have Joint Pain that lasts for more than three days, don’t take it lightly. It is likely that it will weaken other structures around it, and that may be when the pain broadens its scope to other adjacent joints. You must seek medical help if the pain accompanies fever with it. In some conditions, pain in the joint causes gradual weight loss. These are few situations in which you need immediate consultation from the doctor.

Now you are armed with all the necessary baselines of this disease, it is now time to have an adequate amount of information regarding the basic treatments, home remedies, medications and cures. Whenever you are going to explore the treatments and cures for this disease, it is very important to start from the one with least side effects. Then enhance the level gradually according to the damage caused to your joint.

Changes in your life style and daily routine are the best and long lasting treatment for this disease. Basic exercises and physiotherapy can level up your basic healing process. Adding a walking and jogging to your daily routine can do miracles. Adding calcium and iron content to your diet can help you in healing form this disease quickly. Consult a doctor and physiotherapist before starting any home remedy or exercise.

After providing all the necessary information regarding Joint Pain, it’s the time to provide some food for thought. Never neglect a pain in any of your joint more than three days. Never take shortcuts like pain killers to postpone your health concern. If you don’t want typical surgeries as your treatment, you have other options like massage, herbal supplements, physiotherapy and acupuncture techniques. Surgeries and drugs are the last stage of treatment. Make a healthy lifestyle to avoid this type of discomforts. If you are facing joint problems, always be positive about it. There are numerous options available that can help you out in stabilizing your health and your skeletal fitness. Always consult a professional medical practitioner for your medical treatment. Put all this information to test right away and take the debut step to a healthy and comfortable life.